Past Projects

  • EU 6th Framework Research Program: „Reconstituting Democracy in Europe“, coordinated by ARENA, University of Oslo; Workpackage 5: „The Role of Civil Society and the Public Sphere“, co-coordinated by CEuS/UniHB
  • Jean Monnet Multilateral Research Group „European Economic and Social Constitutionalism after the Treaty of Lisbon – an Interdisciplinary Perspective“ Sep 2008 – Aug 2010; European Commission Lifelong Learning Programme; coordinated by Dagmar Schiek, University of Leeds.
  • International CEuS Research Project 2005 – 2008: „Bürgerschaft und Verfassungsprozess: Zur Transformation politischer Öffentlichkeit in der Integration Ost-Westeuropas“ funded by VolkswagenFoundation, Project No. II/80 386
  • International Conference: Gender, Globalization, and State Transformation: New Concepts and Approaches in Political Research
  • CEuS-Research Program (1999- ): European Integration and Europeanisation
  • CEuS-Research Program: Integration in the new Europe
  • International Conference: Reassessing Democracy – New Approaches to Citizenship, Governance and Multiple Identities in Comparative Research
  • Trilaterales Programm Deutschland – Russland – Frankreich „Transformation et Identités dans les Societés Européenes“ (DAAD)
    Trilaterales Kolloquium in Bremen
  • Digital European Communication (TIME/Bremen)
  • Challenges and Transformations in European Governance: Devices for a New Role of Regional Parliaments (EU-KOM)
  • The Public, Equal Opportunity Policy and Governance in the European Union (DFG)