10.01.2014: Dr. Ruben Ruiz-Rufino


„The Crisis and the Quality of Spanish Democracy: A Great Leap Back?“ – Dr. Ruben Ruiz-Rufino
King’s College London & Fundacion Alternativas, Madrid

Comments: PD Dr. Thorsten Hüller, Sfb 597, University of Bremen.

Date: January 10th 2014
Location: EuropaPunktBremen, Haus der Bürgerschaft, Marktplatz
Time: 15:00-18:00

In his talk, Ruiz-Rufino will analyse the major short-comings of Spanish democracy and the reforms needed to eradicate them. Aimed at contributing to the debate on democracy, he will focus on questions that formed part of the social and political agenda of the country during 2011, in particular related to the criticisms and proposals raised during the demonstrations of the 15-M movement. Their claims fall into two categories: One relates to the weakness of representative power regarding the lack of representation of political parties and Parliament caused by a bias in the electoral system towards the two main parties and the weakness of political power when confronted with the markets or non-representative bodies such as the European Central Bank (ECB). The second theme relates to issues of misconduct by politicians (corruption, privilege, incompatibility of occupying various positions of responsibility) and citizens‘ control over public authorities (claims for greater transparency).
You can find the related paper to Dr. Ruiz-Rufinos lecture here.

RUBEN RUIZ-RUFINO is Lecturer in International Politics in the Department of Political Economy at King’s College London. He is a doctor member at the Juan March Institute since 2005 when he finished his Ph.D. in political science under the supervision of Prof. Adam Przeworski (NYU). He was a Max Weber Fellow at the European University Institute (EUI) in Florence, Juan de la Cierva Fellow at the Institute of Politics and Public Goods (IPP-CSIC) in Madrid and García Pelayo Fellow at the Center for Political and Constitutional Studies (CEPC) until 2013. His research focuses comparative electoral systems and the effect of political representation in divided societies and has been published in journals like Electoral Studies, European Journal of Political Research, West European Politics or Political Studies. He is currently engaged in understanding pre-electoral forms of misconduct under a joint research project sponsored by the Spanish Ministry of Science and Innovation.

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