Prof. Dr. Ulrike Liebert: Projects


  • „Governing the Euro, transforming democratic citizenship in the EU“:
    – Bremen EU Expert Roundtables (2012 – ongoing
    – Thinking beyond the crisis in transnational dialogues (2012 – ongoing)



  • Jean Monnet Multilateral Research Group „European Economic and Social Constitutionalism after the Treaty of Lisbon – an Interdisciplinary Perspective“ Sep 2008 – Aug 2010; European Commission Lifelong Learning Programme; coordinated by Dagmar Schiek, University of Leeds.
  • “Reconstituting Democracy in Europe” (RECON), integrated research project under the 6th Framework Program of the European Union (2007-2011), coordinated by ARENA/University of Oslo, sub-research project group coordinated by the Jean Monnet Centre, University of Bremen on “Civil Society and the Public Sphere”.
  • „Bürgerschaft und Verfassungsprozess: Zur Transformation politischer Öffentlichkeit in der Integration Ost-Westeuropas“ (Citizenship and Constitutionalisation: Transforming the Public Sphere in the Integration of East- and West Europe), funded by Volkswagen Foundation No. II/80 386, 2005-8).
  • “European Solidarity”; international and interdisciplinary research and book project, directed by Lars Magnusson and Bo Stråth, European University Institute, Florence, 2005-6.
  • „A European Social Citizenship? Preconditions for Future Policies in Historical Light“; European University Institute, Florence, Project by Lars Magnussion and Bo Strath (2003-4)
  • „Regional Parliaments and New Governance in the EU“, project co-directed with F. Morata (Universitat Autonoma, Barcelona)
  • „Transformations and Identities in European Societies“ Trilaterale Project- Bremen-Paris-Moskau/St. Petersburg, funded by DAAD 2002-3.
  • „Gender, Globalization and State Transformation“, international conference project, funded by Hanse Wissenschaftskolleg Delmenhorst/Bremen (Institute for Advanced Studies, Delmenhorst), September 27-30, 2003, co-directed with K. Gottschall;
  • „Re-Assessing Democracy & –Assistance in an Enlarging Europe“ with DVPW-AK “ Intercultural comparisons of democracy”, and IDEA joint international conference and publication project, co-directed with C. Welzel/IUB, funded by Thyssen foundation, Bremen, June 20-22, 2003.
  • “Regional Parliaments and Multilevel Governance in Europe” (Germany, Spain, Belgium, Scotland); international research and book project, funded by the European Commission, 2001-2, co-directed with F. Morata.
  • „From the Werner Plan to Economic and Monetary Union: Toward a Politcal Economy for the European Union“; Project by Bo Strath and Lars Magnusson, European University Institute, Florence (2000-2001)
  • „Öffentlichkeit und Gleichstellungspolitik im Regierungsprozess: Zur institutionellen Dynamik im Mehrebenensystem der Europäischen Union“. Research Project, Schwerpunktprogramm German Research Foundation (DFG) „Governance in the European Union “ (June 1999 – May 2001)
  • „Parliaments in Western Europe: Majority Rule and Minority Rights“, Direction: Herbert Doering; German Research Foundation / Mannheim Centre for European Social Research (1993-95);
  • „Governments and Supporting Parties in Western Democracies“, Direction: Jean Blondel and Maurizio Cotta; European University Institute, Florence (1993/4): contribution with Thomas Koenig on the case of the Federal Republic of Germany.
  • „Parliaments, Organized Interests and Democratic Consolidation in Italy and Spain“; Project directed by U.Liebert, funded by Volkswagen Foundation (1985-1987); European University Institute Florence (1985), and Jaume Bofill Foundation, Barcelona (1987): with participants from Italy, Spain, Greece, Portugal, Turkey, the USA, UK und the Federal Republic of Germany.