2.2.2016: „The politics of multilinguism: India and the EU compared.“ Guest talk by Prof. Dr. Neeta Inamdar (12-13 Uhr, Uni Bremen GW2 B2200a/b).

JM Centre for European Studies (CEuS), Universität Bremen

CEuS Research Seminar on the EU
Invitation to Tuesday 12 o’clock talk:

„The politics of multilinguism:
India and the EU compared

 Guest speaker:
Prof. Dr. Neeta Inamdar

Head of Department of European Studies
University of Manipal, India

Moderation: Prof. Ulrike Liebert (CEuS)
Tue, Feb 2nd, 2016, 12:00 – 13:00, CEuS-Conference Room GW2 B2200

InamdarDr. Neeta Inamdar is Professor and Head of the the Department of European Studies at Manipal University, India where she also manages Manipal University Press. After having completed her PhD in Communication and Culture (2003) and her MA in Mass Communication and Journalism (1998), she has been teaching at universities in Mumbai and in Myosore. Her major research interests and areas of expertise and publication cover the fields of multiculturalism in Europe and India, identity politics and collective identity in Europe. More recently, Prof. Inamdar has established and presently manages the Dvaita Philosophy Resource Centre (DPRC), for publication of philosophical texts in English and for Summer Schools on philosophy. She currently directs an EU funded Jean Monnet Module „Cultural analysis and European Identity“. For more information see http://manipal.edu/des/department-faculty/faculty-list/neeta-inamdar.html

Weitere Infos: Dennis Zagermann (zagermann@uni-bremen.de)