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The Jean Monnet Centre for European Studies was created in 2001 at the University of Bremen as part of the transnational worldwide network of “Jean Monnet Centres of Excellence“, specialising in EU- and European integration research and teaching. Jointly with the “Seminar for East and East Central European Studies” it has created the Centre for European Studies (CEuS), aimed at promoting European studies and serving as an interdisciplinary forum for faculty and students of Bremen University and abroad engaged in learning, teaching and research on post Cold War Europe. CEuS fosters international exchanges with partner universities in the EU and beyond, including Israel, Turkey, Russia, Canada and China. CEuS is one of the founding members of the regional Bremer Europazentrum e.V. (BEZ e.V.), established in 2004 and cooperating with EuropaPunktBremen, the Europe Direct-Information Centre, opened in 2007 in the historic centre of the Hanseatic City of Bremen – with the lively forum for debating current issues “Europa in Bremen“.

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Jean Monnet Centrum für Europastudien
Universität Bremen
Enrique Schmidt Str.
Gebäude GW2
D – 28359 BREMEN